GROUP PHOTO SHOOT   Do you want to promote your gym and gain more clients.  The best way is to have your clients promote your gym or studio for you.   Have a fun "Photo Day". 

If you don't have to spend the money for the setting fee or want them to invest in their shoot. Then divide the cost $250... by how many people will attend the shoot and that will be their cost. 
Your cost as a gym, studio, or group is 250.00 to set up, work out concepts and shoot for a the first 2 hour.  2 hour minimum:  Again, You the owner or the moderator of the group will get one free image of each client who participates to use to promote on the website. That could be a lot of photograph to use...!!!
If there are additional images that are not selected and your client would like to have it, then we offer it at a discounted cost of $25.00 each.  That cost covers time for processing and retouch.  Regular cost $35.00. 
If your photo shoot time goes beyond your two hours, then add a small cost of for each additional hour after the initial two hour photo shoot.
Make-up and hair:  Some of your client would like to have a make-up and hair artist. A make up artist know how to apply make- up for studio lighting.  They also know how to style hair for different' concept or add extension to match existing hair for a beautiful look.  Women in your gym would love to be made up.  We have make up who specialize in sport make up on stand by for you.
Ask for Michael Photography