I retouch all the portraits I take. I do not send them out to a service like other photographers do.  In fact, I receive pictures from other photographers to retouch.


When I retouch, I retouch the face for wrinkles, blemished and still show the skin texture and color tone of the skin. I match the face color to the body. Clear the eyes. Shine the hair and skin. Fix the background. remove body blemished, bruises, tummy tuck, breast and nipple scars.


I can retouch you to what you specifically you want done.


I can also reshape your body a little if you like. Take in a little here or there. Make breast, arms, legs fuller. I have lifted up that droopy breast or buttocks.  Fix misshaped nipples and breast.  Clear cellulite.


Bring that fabric over to cover you nipple. Change the color of fabric and nails. Make hair fuller and a whole lot more. I am no miracle worker but I can retouched almost anything you would like me too.  


The minor retouching is all free.  Major retouching will cost a little because it is alot more work but totally worth it. 


I have talked to client over and over again it seems the number one reason overall for not having the picture of themselves the dream of having is they worry and embarrassed about  stretch marks, tummy tucks scars, cellulite, breast scars, wrinkles or more.  Some worry about still  being heavier that they want to be and worry it will show in the portrait.  This is the number one reason why people will not have there fitness portraits taken.


Second critical reason is YOU are more critical about yourself than anybody else. What you don't like about yourself is not what your partner loves about you.  You don't like your puffy tummy? He LOVES that part of you.  You don't like your stretch marks? He does not mind at all.


The third reason is Oh I am too embarrassed for him to see my body.  That's why Debbie does most of the shooting...!    


 I know having these issues do not make one feel sexy or make you think you are not attractive. I have the same issues too.  I want to my portrait taken but know they cannot retouch like I need.  


My  portraits are very important to me.  Almost every photographer I know will use a program.  That leaves the look of the image contrasty, hard, skin looking unnaturally smooth or plastic looking.  Even the best photographers I know use those programs. 

I wanted my images to be of the highest quality from beginning to the end. That's why I took "all" the classes in photography school.  Took endless extra classes, lessons and seminars on how to retouch.  I spent countless years practicing retouching. I even studied make up techniques.  


    Almost every single guy or girl has stretch marks, burns, scars, blemishes etc.  Tummy tuck scar are more common than you think for instance. Maybe one breast is bigger than the other. Maybe one side or your body or face droops because of a stroke.  Maybe you used to cut yourself or someone abused you. I have retouched burn on bodies, skin diseases and more. 


    I removed tattoos to show that virgin skin again.  I even fixed a misspelled name of a tattoo...!  haha... That was a funny one. His name was Bobby, not Booby... haha...


     Whatever it is, We have seen and retouched it all.  No worries.  I will fix it and show how attractive and beautiful you are...!!        


Ok, I talk to much, so please take a look at some of my work to get an idea of what I can do for you...!

Have Fun..!!!!