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2018 NGA Natual mr/ ms Pro Qualifier

June 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2018 NGA Santa Rosa Natural - Natural Bodybuilding Events

The 2018 NGA Santa Rosa Natural will take place on May 19, 2018 in Santa Rosa, California. The promoter is Laura Gray. This is the 3rd Year.

The show was one of the most fun shows we ever photographed. It was also the smallest show ever. Only about 12 contestants.  So everybody won something. Those who wanted pro cards...Got them...!!!   Everybody was extremely polite and all the contestants helped each other out with make up, fixing and adjusting suits. Practicing posing techniques and more. 

Everybody was so cooperative with us photographers. WE totally appreciated it..  We got great stage shots on Pre-judge and the Show..!!

So good that I was able to make collages for the members... Totally fun. CSCS Annie TichenorAnnie Tichenor

I want to take a moment here to direct you to our cover page. Please take a look at the quality of the show images.  We want you to know that we strive to shoot the best images that is possible. Proper tone, clarity, angles, emotion and more is what you should be looking for in a show photographer. Shooting a Fitness show is not what any photographer can do. Please compare us to others. You will see a big difference.

The SacFit team this year included myself Michael Torres Master Photographer, Master Photographer Debbie Torres and our assistants husband and wife team. Photographer Janna and Videoographer and photographer Randell Lamarr.  We also added two more photographers to our team. Our children Nashoba and Nizhoni. Amature photographers and fun assistants to us. DSC_0145DSC_0145


The SacFit Team went all out with a booth showing work from some of our past photo shoots. Just a short example of what we can do the fitness clients.  All the portraits you see are not model but actual past contestants.  Check out our portrait concepts to show you what we can do.

Fitness client have use our images for promotions, magazines, a step into movies and TV.  Also, some have printed them into large artistic portraitis for the homes.  These are a must to capture your memories. After the show has past, this will be all you have of you at your best physique.


DSC_0661_1DSC_0661_1 CourtneyCourtney

Anyway, now we are getting ready for the 2018 NGA South Tahoe Natural competition.  Here is a photo shoot shot of last years winner Vanessa. She Trained with Mr Carl Fears of Got Muscle Health club.  He is also a masters champion in his own right. He has been training clients and athletics for years and have produces many winners. Vanessa 24 x 20Vanessa 24 x 20

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