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It is so much fun and you will have something beautiful for yourself.

It is especially fun to do this for your husband boyfriend, girlfriend wife etc.  Their birthday, Valentines Day or Christmas Day. Totally fun and worth it.  If you getting married and beautiful Bridal or Groom fitness portraits are a must...   If your looking for a beautiful strictly boudoir then contact Debbie of Pink Butterfly Boudoir

  We are location in Sacramento/Elk Grove area. 

All the images you see on our site we have created and shot.  

Competitors and trainers travel as far as Las Vegas and Hawaii to have us shoot. 

Photo shoot locations: We can have your shoot at the gym of  your choice.  Get permission from the owner to come in when nobody is around and we will have a go to work for you.  You will have so much fun.  

You may be nervous to ask about a shoot or be in one. Don't worry, we will guide and work with you thru your shoot.  In our photography, we tailor the lighting and poses to you. Not the other way around as most photographers do.  We shoot to enhance your finest qualities and minimize your perceived flaws.

We can shoot for what you need. Personal portraits, Personal Fine Art Portraits, Sponsorships, marketing, magazine submissions and more.


We have many different concepts:

If you have an idea in mind. Email me your picture ideas. We will take a look and try to match what your looking for. 

In your shoot you can use the gym as a backdrop and equipment as props. 

We also have some specialize concept that are only standard to our work.  Along with what you usually see we also shoot: 

  • Softer side of Fitness: Beautiful Fitness Glamour with Boudoir Poses. You wear sexy work out gear, lingerie, suit that we make sexy 
  • Implied Nude: wear a flower in your hair, bring flower lei's, Shoulder Shaws, Net or mens shirts, sheer scarfs, etc. Let have fun and be a tease..

  • Artistic Fitness European Style Nude: Beautiful artistic nudes pose to capture your physique'.
  • Fine Art Nude: Silhouettes, Body Contours, or  Hard Core Definition shots.
  • Outdoor: Beach shots at our local river in the sand, trees and in water. In a public park or on a country road.

and whatever you can think of. On the railroad tracks, where ever you like in our area.

Make up artist:
Usually a good idea. We have a professional make up artist or bring your own. There is an additional cost for a make up and hair artist.

Woman make sure you order fake eye lashes and maybe hair extension. If you choose to put on make up yourself. Make sure it is matches your body. Also, apply it darker than usual for the flash strobe light. 

For men,  she will take off shine off your face and body if we need to and to match your face color to your body.  or you can do this yourself. To do this go to your local Rite Aid, etc.  Go the make up section to pick up powder or cream to apply to your face. There are many color close to your body skin color. You may have to buy a few the fine the one.

Assistant: Bring an assistant to help get your exercise props, fix your make up or just to be a cheerleader.

Photo shoot:

If your wearing a bikini make sure it is a string bikini. Small panels to show off more skin and body curves.

We encourage you to send some examples for us to look at.  It gives us a start.  
In between we try to find what is special to you and what make you look most attractive.  We shoot a lot like fashion photographers. we set you up in your pose and look, then shoot a series of images till we get some great ones. Not just good.

Your images will show up on a display so you can see how your images look and it also help us make corrections in your pose, lighting, camera angles and more.

  We shoot what you want or need. From  Exercising action shots,  Body definition images, Fitness fashion, men's and women European style boudoir, to full artistic nudes.  

As well as shooting your body we also suggest and have found sometimes what really gets you noticed is some type of sexy fashion such as leather, tight jeans and open shirt, business suit with open shirt and loose tie and more. So do some research in this area if you could.  Especially look in European style magazines. 

 What ever we shoot of course will be up to you.  We work together with you to get that look you want. 
Have some fun and look online for what you want or what you think sponsor are looking for.  If your direction is movie roles, take a look at what what casting directors for movies would want.

We want to get a cross between both to make you marketable.  Also, look into casting directors in your area and maybe try out for some commercial spot for movies to add to your portfolio resume' or just to get the experience auditioning.

As we shoot your images will show up on a display. You will be able to see your images to see if you like the direction we are going. It also help to see to improve the poses, lighting etc.
After your shoot, we will look at your images and right then you will be able to pick out which images you love and want to keep.

Well, that about it for now. For cost we are the lowest most reasonable you will ever see. Go back up to the links and pick want you want to see for cost.

if you have any more question for sure give me a call, text or email.number: 916.212.9112

Hope to hear from you soon.   So happy your looking to have a your very own photo shoot.   I think you and other work so hard on your body and should have something to show for it.  So whether you come to us or go somewhere else have your own photo shoot.

It is so much fun...